Off Ice team to join the Bees at tonight’s Season Ticket Launch

With the Season Ticket Launch coming up tonight Doug Sheppard has taken the opportunity to invite members of his off-ice team along to Blues Smokehouse tonight where he’ll also be announcing some new players.

While assembling his team for the upcoming season Doug has also taken great care in picking his off-ice team as well.

Louise Pengelly-Piper will join the team as match night coordinator. It will be Louise’s job to look after our sponsors and ensure they enjoy their time with the Bees. Louise will be assisted by Katie Eleftheriou and Sharon Robinson.

Mark Denholm will be hosting tonight as he’s joined as Head of Media following spells with the Basingstoke Bison and Slough Jets.

Adrian Parsons will be taking on Bees TV for this season. We’ve already seen his work with the Promo video for tonight’s event and we’re very much looking forward to having him onboard this year.

Andy Turner will be providing graphics for flyers, social media, website and Bees TV.

Graham & Cat Bell will be joining to help with Marketing and Merchandising where possible.

Tony Skinns is joining the off-ice team to assist Brian Miller and Drew Poulson will be taking on skate sharpening for the team.

Matt Plested will join the physio team to look after the Bees alongside Sharon.

Steve Merry will be Team Manager

Gemma Plowright will be heading up the Schools Programme. Since speaking with Doug she’s already compiled a list of over 100 schools that we’ll be contacting.

We’re also pleased to say that the Bracknell Bees Supporters Club (BBSC) will continue to support the team with fundraising and events for supporters.

Head Coach Doug Sheppard also would like to thank Director Stuart Robinson for all his help and support in setting up the Off Ice team for this season.

We look forward to seeing you all at Blue’s Smokehouse tonight at 7pm. There’ll be an exclusive launch of 18/19 Season Ticket information, Own and loan information plus revised Player Sponsorships for the upcoming year.

See you tonight!

Blue’s Smokehouse
High St
RG12 1DS