Read all about it …. new Bees magazine coming

With the season getting closer the Bees are pleased to announce further details on the new magazine that will be trialled this season in place of the gameday programme.

Over the last few years, the internet has changed many things and one of those is the Ice Hockey Programme. There’s been the loss of Powerplay magazine and we’ve also seen a number of other clubs around the country end the printed programme. Once the only source of club news, league news and indeed worldwide hockey news the progression of websites and social media have seen a lot of that traditional staple programme content now freely available elsewhere.

For 2018/19 we’re pleased to say we’ll be trialling a new monthly magazine which will be a colourful and informative source for Bees news, Bracknell Ice Hockey Club news and the stories from around the league. We’ll also have feature interviews and articles exclusive to the Bees magazine.

We’re aware that the programme is used by many supporters to record the game on the scoresheet so we’ll still be producing a weekly fold out programme with a scoresheet and player poster for those who want to keep score or build a collection of their favourite players.

We’ll be launching this exciting new magazine from October but scoresheets will be available for our opening matches through September.

If you have something you’d like to see included in the magazine please email