Tomas Karpov not joining the Bees

Bracknell Bees are sad to announce that Tomas Karpov won’t be joining the team this season. Tomas has been one of the league’s best performers for a number of seasons and had asked Doug Sheppard if he could follow him to Bracknell but since those early summer discussions an exciting opportunity for him has arisen which the club will not stand in the way off.

Over the summer an opportunity has arisen for Tomas to take a position as CEO of a company in the Czech Republic. He had been looking to see if he could juggle both hockey and this opportunity but the demands of being a CEO are too high and the club wouldn’t wish to stand in the way of such an opportunity.

As a club, we are well aware that a hockey player’s career is short lived and that each player has to have a path in place for them to continue to earn a living passed their hockey career. Such an opportunity has arisen for Tomas now in the Czech Republic.

Head Coach Doug Sheppard commented on the news; “Of course it’s disappointing that Tomas won’t be coming to Bracknell, there’s no other way to put it. Tomas has an opportunity to become a CEO straight out of university, I completely understand his decision and wish him the best of luck. It has been a drawn out process and I have been aware this might happen. We have been preparing in the background for this eventuality. I still believe we have a Title contending team and can’t wait to get started. We will be announcing his replacement later this week.

Tomas Karpov added; “I would like to deeply apologise to the Bracknell Bees organisation, the team, Doug and fans for changing my decision and not coming back to the UK to play for the team in the next season. I have been given a great working opportunity back home in the Czech Republic and after a long time deciding I came to the conclusion that it is now time for a completely new chapter in my life. I believe that Doug and the boys will have a great success this season and I wish them the best.

Tomas has the best wishes of all at the Bees for a successful career away from the game and a further announcement of a replacement player will be forthcoming.