George Hoang steps back

Head Coach of the Berkshire Cycles Bracknell Bees Doug Sheppard has the sad task of announcing that George Hoang has stepped away from the Bees.

Following pre-season the player and coach had a long conversation about the season ahead where George revealed he wants to concentrate on his studies for the next couple of years. Having completed pre-season training and the pre-season challenges George has realised the effect hockey is having on his studies and decided to step back.

Doug Sheppard explained; “George and I spoke after last weekend’s games and he explained to me he wanted to be able to focus more on his education. I fully understand that, hockey can be a short career so it’s important that players get a good grounding to have something to fall back on when ice hockey ends for them. It’s a shame that George won’t be with us this season but I’d never stand in the way of player wanting to better themselves on or off the ice so I wish him will with his A-Levels and hope that he can find a way back into ice hockey as well.

Everyone at the club thanks George for his short time in Bracknell and wishes him well for the future.