Bracknell Bees Schools Zone Inspirational Player of the Season.

The Schools Programme would like to set up a system where kids that attend Matches in February March, vote for a Schools Zone Inspirational Player of the Season.

Kids that attend the matches on Feb 17th and March 3rd will be given a pre-typed form where they can vote for their Bees Schools Zone Inspirational Player of the Season. They will be asked to give a contact name and email address/telephone number of an Adult. Forms can be deposited in a box that we can have around the Schools Zone at the matches. Forms will also be emailed out to schools in the two weeks prior to the matches Feb 17th and March 3rd and asked for email votes to be sent in to

We will count up the votes and from the kids who voted for the winner, we will pick one family at random and invite them to the Schools Zone Game March 23rd/24th, the first Play off game in 2019, where they can present the award to the player, on the ice after one of the periods. The voting form will encourage a piece of creative writing of why that player has inspired them

It keeps the interest up in the School Zone towards the end of the season. It increases the awareness of the last two School Zone Games and Play off games and another connection between players and Schools Zone. By looking at a player that has inspired the kids, they can concentrate on different aspects of hockey, eg leadership, teamwork, hard work etc and is a different category than the BBSC system.

We’d like to emphasise that presenting the award during the season does not, and is not intended to distract from the important end of season Supporters Club Event.