Weekend review – Magnificent 7

It was a single game weekend for the Berkshire Cycles Bracknell Bees as they took on Milton Keynes Thunder at the Hive.

Berkshire Cycles Bracknell Bees 7 Milton Keynes Thunder 1

An early penalty taken by the Thunder was killed off but they went on to score first at 9.17 when Sean Norris netted the game’s first goal. Bees weren’t behind for long though as Roman Malinik levelled at 13.54, Malinik taking a pass and skating in solo bearing down on Jordan Lawday before shooting high. At 18.38 a great pass from Vanya Antonov in the corner found Zack Milton in the slot with Milton adding a good finish for 2-1.

A penalty against Tom Mboya gave the Bees a powerplay and Tyler VanKleef stepped up to add to the lead at 28.55, patience being the key. The puck was cycled to VanKleef who one-timed a shot that was deflected but when the puck came back to VanKleef his second one-timer found the back of the net. The second period ended with 18 shots split between the teams evenly but Bees leading 3-1.

Bees put together a good third period to ease the lead up. 1.29 into the period VanKleef scored his second, this time giving the puck to Edward Knaggs before he returned to VanKleef who lasered on high into the net. A7 47.03 Aidan Doughty netted for 5-1 as Mailink fed Doughty who finished well.
A hooking penalty to Joe Baird gave Thunder a powerplay but it was VanKleef who scored at 49.32, shorthanded to complete his hat-trick as a solitary hat made its way onto the ice behind Dean Skinns. VanKleef was in front of the net and battled to chip home a loose puck at the second attempt. The final goal of the game came at 52.34 when Malinik doubled his personal tally to make it 7-1. A back pass from Shaun Thompson was settled and released quickly leaving Lawday little chance.

A hooking call to Rio Grinell-Parke came eventually after some “discussions“ in front of the Thunder bench but 2.36 to play an open ice scrap between James Galazzi and Hallden Barnes-Garner saw both serve 2+2 roughing minors while Bees completed their win.

Bracknell: Vankleef 3+0; Malinik 2+1; Mogg 0+3; Knaggs, Antonov 0+2; Doughty, Z Milton 1+0; Watt, Thompson, Baird, Galazzi 0+1. Net: Skinns (60.00) 20/1
Milton Keynes: Norris 1+0; Rubes 0+1. Net: Lawday (60.00) 35/7

Period Scores: 2-1/1-0/4-0
Shots On Goal: 35-20
Penalty Minutes: 14-12
Referee: Sevruk. Linesmen: Sitch-Cunningham & Ormond
Gamesheet: https://eihams.fixtureslive.com/matchSheet.aspx?fixtureid=2135414

Speaking after the game Bees Head Coach Doug Sheppard said; “We said we needed to start this week well and did just that. Great to see us competing for 60 minutes and getting rewarded with 7 goals. We know we need to perform like that again to give ourselves a chance of qualification for the Cup Final.”