Weekend review – Agonisingly short

The Berkshire Cycles Bracknell Bees, for the second weekend running, had only a single game with Streatham visiting the Hive in a league clash.

Berkshire Cycles Bracknell Bees 1 Streatham IHC 2

The Bees were again short benched as Head Coach Doug Sheppard was forced to watch from afar as Ben Paynter, along with the coach, sat out the second game of their two game suspensions. Joe and Brendan Baird completed 50% of their suspensions and Ryan Watt was also missing from the line up. Josh Martin was also missing through illness and Vanya Antonov was away with GB Universities.

Bees enjoyed the better start generating some good scoring chances and at 6.16 the home team went on the powerplay while Rupert Quiney served a cross checking penalty. While Streatham killed off the Bees powerplay the first penalty to the Bees, a cross checking call against James Galazzi, saw Streatham take the lead when Jacob Ranson scored at 12.13. The visitors also killed off a penalty to Leigh Jamieson at 17.05 as well ending the first period ahead by their goal.

The second period started with neither team having a clear advantage, both generating chances but both also minimising the quality of their opponent’s chances. The Bees went on to play the more attacking period and outshot their opponents 14-8 but it was a 35.52 strike from Alex Roberts which turned out to be the game winning goal and allowed Streatham to end the period 0-2.

Bees again outshot their opponents 14-8 in the final period but Damien King kept all but one out. Shaun Thompson finished a good powerplay at 46.25 when he snapped one high into the net over King’s shoulder to half the deficit. Bees called a time out with 1.53 to play and on the re-start Dean Skinns was swift to head to the bench once his team had the face off won and the puck under control but despite 1.37 of empty net the elusive second goal remained elusive and Streatham took the win.

Bracknell: Thompson 1+0; Smith, VanKleef 0+1. Net: Skinns (58.23) 18/2 & Empty Net (1.37) 0/0
Streatham: Ranson, Roberts 1+0; Jamieson, Farn, Carr 0+1. Net: King (60.00) 40/1

Period scores: 0-1/0-1/1-0
Shots On Goal: 40-18
Penalty Minutes: 6-10
Referee: P Brooks. Linesmen: F Sitch-Cunningham & N Strain
Gamesheet: https://eihams.fixtureslive.com/matchSheet.aspx?fixtureid=2135426

After the weekend Doug Sheppard gave his view from afar; “I thought we worked hard and created some good scoring chances but unfortunately we didn’t get the job done. We need to focus on the little things like stopping on pucks in front of the net. We need to take our grade A chances, we need to work on getting and finishing rebounds and scoring gritty goals. We’ll need to better come playoff time.

Last night we worked hard and we had enough chances to win but when you’re as short benched as we were you need absolutely everybody at the top of their game.”