National Epilespy Week

Next week, 20th – 26th May, is National Epilepsy Week

Our shared theme for the week is First Aid: with a focus on raising awareness about what actions members of the public should take to help someone having a seizure, as well as increasing understanding around what different seizures can look like.

Young Epilepsy we will be launching a new online guide for schools detailing how they can best support any child or young person in their care who has epilepsy.

Not only will this practical guide detail what to do when a child has a seizure, it will also inform school staff about the different types of epilepsy, variations in types of seizure, and the significant impact that the condition can have on the child’s educational development and mental health.

Young Epilepsy will be drawing attention to the fact that

  • Children and young people with epilepsy often face unnecessary exclusion from important day-to-day activities, especially at school.
  • There is often misunderstanding about how best a child with epilepsy can be supported to manage and live with their condition, whilst at the same time safely enjoying and experiencing life to the fullest.

We have a diverse range of activities planned from Monday 20th May, including an Instagram takeover from five of our wonderful ambassadors and it would be amazing if you could show your support by following us on social media and raising awareness.

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