BBSC AGM details

BBSC AGM 2019 – Thursday 23rd May

Chrissie, current vice chair, opened the meting.

She began by giving apologies for Ash, current chairperson, and Flo, current treasurer, she also announced that they are both stepping down from their positions on the committee due to other commitments outside of hockey.

Chrissie then began to thank everyone on the current committee, the match night volunteeres, the rink staff, bees 3 zero, Doug. Paul, Becci and Ben for stepping up in helping to run the shop on match nights. Dave and Gemma for running the schools zone and Ian who sorts out the tickets and finally Chrissie thanked the fans who attend week in week out and have collectively managed to raise over £29,000 this season!


Chrissie once again thanked Flo and explained that she has now moved away for a new job and this is why she has stepped down from her role on the committee.

· Pucks and ducks – £4,111
· 50/50 – £6,370 profit
· Officials – £7,743
· Shop non match night sales – £4,622

Committee elections

Chairperson – Paul Clark – Unanimously voted in

Vice chair – Chrissie McCarty – Re elected and unanimously voted back in

Treasurer – Sarah Gordon – Unanimously voted in

Secretary – Fiona Smith – Re elected and unanimously voted back in

Match night coordinator – Katrina Clark – Re elected and unanimously voted back in

The room/fans were also asked to get in contact if they wanted to volunteer on match nights and also for any input if they have any new ideas for match nights or anything at all they feel will help to not hesitate and get incontact with us, by either coming to see us or to email or