Netminding Duo Complete

Berkshire Cycles Bracknell Bees Head Coach Doug Sheppard has completed his netminding duo for 19/20 with the return of Danny Milton.

The popular goaltender made his EPL debut for the Slough Jets and it was from Slough that he travelled to Bracknell.

Danny started in Slough with his junior development split between Slough and Basingstoke. After a solid four years in Basingstoke he returned to Slough to play his last year of juniors. In 2010/11, in his final year of juniors, he made his ENL debut posting a .920 save percentage. The following year he made his EPL debut starting a long association with the Slough senior team that saw him enjoy a spell as EPL starter in 2013/14.

That spell as starter for the Jets was curtailed when injury forced him to withdraw from the line-up. The following season, with Slough no longer fielding a professional team, Danny remained at Slough and backstopped the NIHL2 Jets with a 1.50 GAA and .9446 save percentage.

This solid season with the NIHL2 Slough Jets brought him to the attention of the Bracknell Hornets and from there he stepped up to the Bees in 2017/18 where he’s been a member of the netminding combo ever since.

Doug Sheppard was delighted in bringing Danny back to the Hive; “Getting Danny back was huge for us, he’s the best back up goalie in the league. We saw last season he’s more than capable of winning games at this level. Danny is also an important part of our junior program helping the development of our young goalies.

Danny stands at 6’0 and weighs 183lbs. He catches left handed.