Season Ticket Bonanza

Its’ season ticket bonanza time right now in Bracknell as the Bees have teamed up with BIHC to offer an unbelievable deal for the remainder of the Bees early bird season ticket extension window.

Anyone who purchases a Bracknell Bees season ticket at the unbelievable early bird prices will be able to add a Bracknell Hornets NIHL1/2 season ticket to their deal for just £100 which adds a further 29 home Hornets games to the Bees home games.

This offer is open to anybody purchasing a Bees season ticket between now and July 31st but is also retrospectively available to anyone who already has purchased a Bees season ticket this BIHC NIHL1 / 2 to their package for just £100.

For further information on taking up this incredible deal please email during the early bird season ticket window running up to and inclusive of July 31st. Don’t forget to email to place your Own and loan request.