Own and loan winners

The Bracknell Bees would like to thank all those who’ve applied for Own and Loan for 2019/20 and we’re pleased to announce the winners as below

James GalazziJohn LakeBeth
Robin KovarGary MurphyRoger Darlington
Josh SmithAnna SnowHannah Dawson
Aidan DoughtyGary SkeggsPenny Taylor
Roman MalinikPenny TaylorLorraine Stanton
Edwards KnaggsAndy via Lorraine StaintonMichael Player
Joe BairdAndy via Lorraine StaintonYvonne Slater
Josh MartinTom Potter 
Vanya AntonovLisa HugillLisa Hugill
Zach MiltonEden SnowCallum Stefani
Adam GossHarley ChapmanHarley Chapman
Stuart MoggRoger DarlingtonRoger Darlington
Ryan Webb  
Harvey SteadCallum StefaniCallum Stefani
Louis Colvin  
Brendan BairdCallum StefaniCallum Stefani
Danny Milton Connor Dudley

Congratulations to the winners and look out for an email from cat@bracknellbees.com detailing the next steps. Please note that Cat will only be contacting the winners and payment, or promise of payment, must be made within 7 days.