Bees Radio Network – A new media outlet for the Bees

With the new season approaching the Bracknell Bees are proud to announce the launch of Bees Radio Network.

This new media service from the Bracknell Bees will provide free radio coverage of Bees home games throughout 2019/20 via our website You’ll be able to go online any time the Bees are at home and click the link to hear commentary absolutely free via either your computer, mobile or tablet.

Last season we provided Twitter text commentary on our home games but this season we’re taking that up that a level and will provide full audio commentary from the Hive this season.

In addition to the free audio commentary there will also be a Bees Radio Network Podcast featuring commentators Graham Bell and Mark Denholm analysing results, previewing fixtures and taking a look at news and events from around the league. This Podcast will be available on our Patreon page set up for Bees Radio Network. The launch Podcast is available now for free but the weekly Podcasts will be available to Bees Radio Network subscribers only.

Patreon subscribers will be able to sign up for a pledge of $6 or more per month and get access to the weekly Podcasts with the donations covering the cost of Bees Radio Network through the season. A second tier is also available at $1 per month which will be a simple monthly donation to support Bees Radio Network but this tier won’t get access to the weekly podcast. Any income generated in excess of the cost of Bees Radio Network will go straight to the club.

Graham Bell explained the new venture; “We’re regularly asked about video streaming of our games but we are aware of the challenges this creates and we are not prepared to sell a product that wouldn’t be both high definition and 100% reliable. With Bees Radio Network we’re confident that the demands on the available infrastructure of streaming an audio stream will mean that we can offer, completely free, a reliable service to both our supporters and supporters from other teams around the league when their team visit the Hive.

“The weekly Podcast will see Mark and I offer our analysis and views firstly on Bees games and topics and then on news from around the league. The main product, the live game coverage, is free but in order to support the costs we’ve set up a Patreon available for Bees fans or other hockey fans to subscribe and in return for anyone setting up a top tier subscription you’ll have weekly access to the Podcast.

The launch Podcast is available for free now as a sample and you can visit the Bees Patreon at A link for Bees Radio Network will appear on the Bees website as we get closer to the season.