Gareth is ready to go!

Head Coach of the TSI World Bracknell Bees, Doug Sheppard, has moved to strengthen his 19/20 squad with the addition of Gareth O’Flaherty.

The 29 year old forward was born in Camberly and started out in hockey playing in Guildford before breaking into senior hockey in 2008/09 with the Bracknell Hornets, splitting the year between Berkshire and the Haringey Greyhounds. Starting the following season at Haringey he moved to Nottingham which started a long associated with more northern teams.

After establishing himself in Nottingham Gareth began a two year stint with the Telford Tigers in 2012/13 making exactly 50 appearances in the EPL. In 2014/15 he signed for Coventry Blaze, playing 34 EIHL games together with 2 Manchester Phoenix starts in the EPL. The following season he played mainly for the Phoenix, scoring 3+13 with a single appearance for the Blaze.

In 2016/17 a Gareth started the season at Hull before returning to Manchester but after 28 games in Manchester the Phoenix closed and Gareth completed the season back at Telford.

The last two seasons Gareth has played in the NIHL1 Britton Conference, appearing against the Bees, for the Milton Keynes Thunder where he posted 32 points while also making two starts for the Coventry Blaze in the Elite League.

Gareth joins the Bees with immediate effect and Doug Sheppard explained; “Gareth will be a great fit in Bracknell, he skates very well and has a great attitude. He’ll be in the line up this weekend playing a key role for us.”

Gareths stands at 5’10” and weighs 165lbs. He shoots right handed.