Weekend review – A tough road weekend

The TSI World Bracknell Bees set off early Saturday for a road weekend taking in Telford and Hull.

Telford Tigers 5 TSI World Bracknell Bees 4

Caly Robertson opened the scoring for the visiting Bees on 2.39 but Ross Kennedy levelled the game just shy of half way through the opening period at 9.19 for tied opening stanza honours.

Scott McKenzie scored at 21.30 and Dominik Florian netted on the powerplay 2 minutes later for a 3-1 scoreline before Robertson’s second pulled back the gap. A Brandon Whistle strike at 26.50 reopened the gap but not far long as Dominik Gabaj scored at 27.28. A second from Whistle followed at 33.22 but a second from Gabaj ended the second period 5-4 when the Bees import scored at 37.07.

Despite 30 shots in total in the final period neither team could add to their 40 minute score.

Telford: Mckinney 0+3; Whistle 2+0; Kennedy 1+1; Howells 0+2; Florian, Mckenzie 1+0; Lord, McKinnon, Watkins 0+1. Net: Day (59.30) 39/4 & Empty Net (0.30) 0/0
Bracknell: Robertson 2+1; Gabaj 2+0; Z Milton 0+2. Net: Goss (58.23) 48/5 & Empty Net (1.37) 0/0

Period Scores: 1-1/4-3/0-0
Shots On Goal: 48-39
Penalty Minutes: 2-4
Gamesheet: https://eihams.fixtureslive.com/matchSheet.aspx?fixtureid=2235377

Hull Pirates 6 TSI World Bracknell Bees 2

The second of the weekend’s road games took place in Hull and a shorthanded goal from Jason Hewitt was the first of the night at 7.29. Aaron Smith scored at 17.21 but Dominik Gabaj netted at 19.59 on the powerplay for a 2-1 first period.

Jordan Fisher scored the game winning goal at 27.10 for the only goal of the second period.

A hat-trick in the third period for Bobby Chamberlain (45.20, 51.50, 59.03) buried the game with only Josh Smith finding the back of the net for the Bees at 55.23.

Hull: Chamberlain 3+1; Hewitt 1+3; Norris 0+2; Aaron Smith, Fisher 1+0; Fabus, Kirk, Stubley, Bonner 0+1. Net: Ashley Smith (60.00) 40/2
Bracknell: Stead, Knaggs 0+2; Gabaj, Smith 1+0. Net: Goss (59.20) 34/5 & Empty Net (0.40) 1/1

Period Scores: 2-1/1-0/3-0
Shots On Goal: 35-40
Penalty Minutes: 34-8
Gamesheet: https://eihams.fixtureslive.com/matchSheet.aspx?fixtureid=2235382