Weekend review – Just not good enough

The Berkshire Cycles Bracknell Bees had a double week of league action, on the road to Swindon and at home against the Invicta Dynamos.

Swindon Wildcats 3 Berkshire Cycles Bracknell Bees 0

Swindon lost Sam Godfrey early into the game following a high sticking call at 6.47 but after 17.33 Chris Jones netted the game’s opening goal to give the home team a 1-0 lead at the end of the first period despite the Bees leading the shot count 14-7

Chris Jones’ second, at 33.11, doubled the home team’s lead as they took the shot advantage through the middle period. Despite a brave fight back from the Bees in the final period it was on Edgars Bebris who scored in the final 20 minutes, netting at 55.46 to complete the scoring and leaving Renny Marr 4.14 left to see out and complete his shut-out.

Swindon: C Jones 2+0; Hoog 0+2; Bebris 1+0; Nell, Birbraer, Whitfield, Liddiard 0+1. Net: Marr (60.00) 33/0
Bracknell: Net Skinns (60.00) 28/3

Period Scores: 1-0/1-0/1-0
Shots On Goal: 28-33
Penalty Minutes: 35-16
Referee: S Matthews. Linesmen: Edwards & Sanders
Gamesheet: http://eihams.fixtureslive.com/matchSheet.aspx?fixtureid=2135405

On Sunday the Berkshire Cycles Bracknell Bees returned to home ice to face the Invicta Dynamos.

Berkshire Cycles Bracknell Bees 3 Invicta Dynamos 4 (after penalty shots)

An incredibly short benched Dynamos took to the ice with a roster of just 11 skaters and 1 netminder and took the lead thanks to Owen Dell at 5.23. It took Roman Malinik 22 seconds to level the game and Ryan Watt added the go ahead goal at 9.57 but despite a huge 18 shots Conor Morris only conceded those two goals to keep his team in the game.

Ryan Sutton scored at 21.14 to make it 3-1 but the visitors refused to give up and Lewis English scored at 24.16 and Matt Foord exactly 6 minutes later to make it 3-3 despite a 29-4 shot count in favour of the Bees.

A 29 shot third period (25-4) couldn’t break the deadlock so the game headed to overtime but 3 on 3 for 5 minutes still didn’t see a goal scored so penalties were taken to decide the result.

Lewis English (Dynamos) and Zack Milton (Bees) shot first but neither scored. Ancitis and Watt followed with another two saves made and exactly the same outcome greeted Matt Foord and Roman Malinik as they took their shots. Colvin did score for the Dynamos and VanKleef missed for the Bees. Confusion then arose as two further shots took place but with both Dell and Doughty saved Dynamos took the win.

Bracknell: Malinik 1+1; Doughty 0+2; Sutton, Watt 1+0; Thompson, VanKleef 0+1. Net: Skinns (65.00) 17/3
Invicta: Foord 1+1; Dell, English 1+0; Zosiac, Leone 0+1. Net: Morris (65.00) 80/3

Period Scores: 2-1/1-2/0-0/0-0/0-1
Shots On Goal: 80-17
Penalty Minutes: 0-0
Referee: D Cuglietta. Linesmen: Kowall & Sanders
Gamesheet: https://eihams.fixtureslive.com/matchSheet.aspx?fixtureid=2135406

Speaking after the weekend a disappointed Head Coach Doug Sheppard explained; “Invicta showed up with 12 guys and it seems they wanted it more than us. Credit to the Dynamos for their win but for us to lose on home ice to an Invicta team that short benched is embarrassing. I’m embarrassed, the players should be embarrassed and it’s unacceptable.