Weekend review – A brilliant short benched fightback

A short-benched Berkshire Cycles Bracknell Bees team travelled to Milton Keynes to face the Thunder in their only game of the weekend.

Milton Keynes Thunder 4 Berkshire Cycles Bracknell Bees 6

The home team enjoyed a fantastic start to the game with Jamie Line (10.26) Tomas Rubes (12.57) and Joe Edwards (14.21) completing a 3-0 period which saw Danny Milton’s tenure in the Bees net end at the period end buzzer.

With Dean Skinns taking over in net Bees would score their first when Tyler VanKleef beat Jordan Lawday at 23.03 but the three goal margin was restored shortly afterwards through Ross Bowers at 25.36. Vanya Antonov scored a powerplay goal at 35.59 to end the second period 4-2.

A delayed penalty goal at 40.25 came from Shaun Thompson to reduce the deficit to a single goal and a second powerplay goal from Antonov at 43.27 levelled the game. It was into the final 10 minutes when Aidan Doughty finally put the Bees ahead with a powerplay strike at 51.38 and Roman Malinik made it safe with an empty net goal at 58.15 for a final score of 4-6 and complete a great comeback.

Milton Keynes: Bowers 1+2; Rubes, Line 1+1; Stone 0+2; Edwards 1+0. Net: Lawday (59.56) 54/5 & Empty Net (0.04) 1/1
Bracknell: Antonov 2+1; Doughty, Thompson 1+2; Mogg 0+3; Vankleef 1+1; Malinik 1+0. Net: Milton (20.00) 10/3 & Skinns (40.00) 11/1

Period Scores: 3-0/1-2/0-4
Shots On Goal: 21-55
Penalty Minutes: 12-22
Referee: D Cuglietta. Linesmen: N Ormond & F Sitch-Cunningham
Gamesheet: https://eihams.fixtureslive.com/matchSheet.aspx?fixtureid=2135420

Bees Head Coach Doug Sheppards view of the weekend was; “Watching from a distance I was pleased with the way we played on Sunday. I thought we competed hard. We were very unlucky to be down after the first period but we stuck with it and it was good to see us capitalise on the powerplay. We had plenty of excuses being so short benched but the 12 guys that were on the ice gave everything to get the job done and get the two points.

We’re going to be extremely short for the next few weeks with Josh Martin out ill, Vanya Antonov away with GB Universities and with the Bairds having three more games each to serve and Ben Paynter having one more game and Ryan most likely not playing again this season we know the remaining guys will have to step up.