Weekend review – Pirates sunk in penalty shot thriller

There was just a single game this weekend as the TSI World Bracknell Bees welcomed Hull Pirates to the Hive for some Sunday action.

TSI World Bracknell Bees 7 Hull Pirates 6 after penalty shots

The start to the game gave little indication of the 12 goal thriller that would eventually end up in penalty shots as a Jason Hewitt double strike at 0.43 and 3.11 gave the Pirates an early advantage. Bees fought hard and James Galazzi scored at 11.09 to end the first period 1-2.

While the Pirates would score first in the second period through Jordan Fisher at 22.57 the middle frame belonged to the home team. The Pirates third goal saw Doug Sheppard make a change between the pipes as Danny Milton took the net. Edward Knaggs netted at 24.34 before Harvey Stead tied the game with a delayed penalty goal at 29.58. Danny Milton’s defences were eventually breached at 37.03 by James Chilcott but James Galazzi levelled for the Bees at 37.34 and Zack Milton put the home team ahead for the first time at 38.32 to end the second period 5-4.

A tense opening to the third period saw Bees retain their lead for 15.02 but with 4.58 left Thomas Stubley levelled the game. Jason Hewitt took the Pirates time-out and then went on to complete his hat-trick at 56.44. With just 8 seconds left in regulation time Stuart Mogg stepped forward to send the game to overtime.

As overtime failed to separate the teams penalty shots were called upon. Bees shot first and Zack Milton was saved before Bobby Chamberlain scored for the Pirates. Aidan Doughty hit the net for the Bees before Pirates hat trick hero Jason Hewitt was denied by Danny Milton. Roman Malinik and Lee Bonner both scored to send the game to sudden death. The order reversed and Chamberlain scored his second penalty shot before Malinik did the same. Danny Milton saved Chamberlain’s third penalty shot but Ashley Smith had no answer for the Sheriff as Roman Malinik bagged his third shot to secure the win.

Bracknell: Martin 0+5; Webb 0+3; Galazzi 2+0; H Stead 1+1; Malinik 0+2; Z Milton, Mogg, Knaggs 1+0, GWP 1+0; Ealey-Newman 0+1. Net: Goss (22.57) 15/3 & Milton (40.32) 26/3 & Empty Net (1.31) 0/0
Hull: Hewitt 3+0; Towner, Chamberlain, Fabus 0+2; Chilcott, Stubley, Fisher 1+0; Norris, Aaron Smith, Wilcox, Bonner, Chalmers 0+1. Net: Ashley Smith (65.00) 38/6

Period Scores: 1-2/4-2/1-2/0-0/1-0
Shots On Goal: 38-41
Penalty Minutes: 26-6
Gamesheet: https://eihams.fixtureslive.com/matchSheet.aspx?fixtureid=2235341