The TSI World Bracknell Bees care deeply about their surrounding community evidenced by the creation of the Schools and Community Programme.

The Community Programme comprised the AVSS Schools Programme, the Bees groups programme and First Steps path to ice hockey.

Bracknell Bees Schools & Community Committee
Code of Conduct

a) Membership shall consist of at least two Committee members, one of which shall be the Chair or Acting Chair.
b) Membership may include persons employed by any of The Bracknell Bees Hockey Club if the committee deems that a particular skill or experience shall be of benefit to the committee and the committee shall determine their voting rights.
c) The committee shall co-opt such members deemed necessary and determine their voting rights.
d) Members shall include a Chair, Treasurer, Bracknell Bees Head Coach,
(by invitation), member of the Bracknell Bees Supporters Club (by invitation)
and two other members.
The quorum should be at least two Committee members

The committee shall meet at least once during the Season, once per off-season and otherwise as required.

Meetings will be structured in a set Agenda format including business interests, review of previous minutes, impact of projects and strategic intent.

Terms of Reference
1) To be run independently of the Bracknell Bees Ice Hockey Club.
2) To be run as a for non-profit organisation where revenue must be invested in
the Programme.
3) To promote and encourage participation in Ice Hockey in the Local
Community using educational drivers such as Mental Health, Diet, Physical
Health and in line with the Programmes Core Values.
4) To assist with the Bracknell Bees Learn to Play Programme making Ice
Hockey accessible to all.
5) To encourage Ice Hockey to be a sport for all and inclusive of all ages,
ethnicity, sex or social background.

Dissolution Clause
Upon the dissolution of the Bracknell Bees Community & Schools Committee, assets shall be passed over to the Bracknell Bees Ice Hockey Team to be used to continue work with children of the community. Dissolution shall be with a majority vote by all
Committee members.

Current Members
Dave Williams- Co-Chair
Kate Jones- Treasurer
Gemma Plowright- Secretary
Andy Turner – Committee Member
Paul Clarke (BBSC)
Doug Sheppard (BB Head Coach)

Reviewed by committee: March 2019